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Cell Phone Service Control Jammer

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Product Description

The Mobile Signal Jammer can block GSM/CDMA/DCS/3G/4G mobile phone in 20-100m radius range. The Mobile Signal Jammer support black list or white list to control the mobile service.The users in black list will be blocked all the mobile service and in the white list will not blcoked make service as usual.The RF power is much lower than RF strength jammer.It is much healthily and no effect to other wireless devices.

Typical scenario is conference room, military camp, prisons ,testing facilities,and other place where need put mobile phone under surveillance.

Technical Specification

Item Name Specification
Frequency Range Band1,Band3,Band5,Band8,Band38,Band39,Band40
Antenna Power 33dbm~43dbm
Antenna Only one antenna
Power Consumption 320W
Coverage Radius 20~100Meters
RF Connector N-Female
Size 410mmx350mmx120mm
Working Temperature -15°C ~ +60°C
Power Supply AC110~220V