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4G outdoor Smallcell

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Product Description

LTE Small cell is a small and low-power 4G base station,connected to the Operator's EPC core network through the IP transmission network. It is easy to install can quickly provide 4G signal of LTE in FDD or TDD.It is new-generation cellular networks solution.

Suport self-organization/optimization (SON) technology, broadband backhaul and secure transmission technology , it can realize self-configuration, management, and optimization. It is a true plug-and-play device;It can easily solve 4G network coverage, capacity, quality and other issues, and improve user perception.

Typical scenario is to install in countryside or rural area to improvide 4G cellular network or install in a apartment building to resolve cellular network coverage.

Technical Specification

Item Name Specification
Working Frequency Range FDD Band1,3,5/TDD Band40,41,42
Maximum Antennta Power 50dbm
SON Automatic setup,Automatic Neighbor Relation,PCI confliction detection
Peak Rate DL 580Mbps,UL 70Mbps
RF Connector 4.3-10-Female
Size 410mmx265mmx128mm
Working Temperature -15°C ~ +60°C
Power Supply DC48V