cell phone signal jammer

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Cell Phone Signal Jammer

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Product Description

The RF Jammer can block GSM/CDMA/DCS/3G/4G/5G cellular signal and WIFI in 50-200m radius range.It is working in high RF strength to interference all the cell phone cellular signal. When RF Jammer opwer on, all the cellphone including WIFI will in "No service" state in the coverage range.When the jammed power off, all the cellphone .

Typical scenario is military camp, prisons ,testing facilities,and other large sensitive locations.

Technical Specification

Item Name Specification
Frequency Range Any band for GSM WCDMA LTE NR WIFI
Antenna Power 43dbm~53dbm
Antenna 2-4 omni antenna
Power Consumption 520W
Coverage Radius 50~200Meters
RF Connector N-Female
Size 450mmx350mmx190mm
Working Temperature -25°C ~ +60°C
Power Supply AC110~220V